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A set of Kimimaro icons I made. Shared them for an nbprc user and figured why not share them with the rest of the rp community?

All cropped from the Naruto Manga. No fanart used.



That Sakura…!


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Character: Ino Yamanaka

Series/season: Shippuden

Number of icons: 100 [50 manga & 50 anime]

Requested by: itstartswithino


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Ino Yamanaka icons part 2 (x111}


These were made for itstartswithino aka waifu/bae.

But anyone is free to use so long as you like/reblog. A lot of people have been using my icons without credit and it’s really discouraging. All you have to do is like or reblog.

Count: 111

Contains: Little Ino, Genin Ino, Current Ino, and Genderbent

All art belongs to their respective owners.


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Legit Tip #113


When you’re trying to write dialogue, remember that each character will have his/her own motivations and will likely have different end goals for the way they want a conversation to go. This is true whether your characters are strategizing a plan to take down the Evil Emperor who lords over their land or it’s a couple in the middle of a fight.

Pay attention to each character’s motivations - not just your protagonists. Remember that these other characters may attempt to steer the conversation, to manipulate the other character by making him or her feel guilty, or they may drop hints about something that they want or need - something that your protagonists (but not you or the reader) may be oblivious to.

Also remember that when people want to talk about sensitive topics, they often drop big hints or details in order to test the reactions of the person they are speaking to. When a non-POV character does this, it can be a great method of foreshadowing.

Essentially, remember that other characters aren’t just sounding boards or messenger systems for plot details. They have their own goals and motivations, and dialogue is a great way to express that. (Plus, realistic dialogue helps to make for more realistic and relatable characters in a big way.)